Falling in love is one of the most fascinating and mesmerizing feelings that you can ever feel. It is one of the main ingredients why there are people who continue to live a happy and satisfied life. Sometimes, being with the one you love could lead to the happiest moments you can ever experience in your entire life. Therefore, if you love and are loved by someone special, make sure to show and appreciate the loving feelings that both of you are sharing together. In fact, there are some people who believe that love makes the world go round, which is certainly applicable to everyone who truly loves.

Being in love and to be loved are certainly the cherished blessings of life. However, just like everything in this world, love doesn’t guarantee continuous happiness, as it will also let you face some difficulties and impossibilities. In loving someone you may experience its high spots and its pitfalls. One the other hand, despite those trials and problems that you and your loved one are facing, there is still an assurance that you will live your life to the fullest because of feeling that special feeling that only some are given the opportunity to feel.


But, what is really the true definition of love? Knowing the real definition of love may somehow let you understand its deeper meaning, which will then let you realize how love is spread everywhere. Defining the word “Love” is never an easy task. This is true because it is a word that contains several connotations from which every individual has their personal interpretations of it. Dictionaries hold different meanings for the word love. Love is always associated with a person’s emotions and feelings.

Love Shares

Sharing is actually one of the most essential ingredients you can incorporate to love. It is crucial to get access to one’s heart and be able to share him/her, your happiness, fears, victories, sorrows and just about every feeling you have. It doesn’t really matter provided that your heart is clear. Love is about being honest from which you are aware that the person you love feels similar as what you feel. It is about losing and sharing one’s inhibitions and being aware that the one on the other side won’t be judgmental.

Love Talks

Indeed, love is about talking. It is linked with telling, speaking and sharing. A lot of people often limit their conversations discussing about pets, children, bills and any other things. This should be a sign that things are going downhill. You can bring the spark back through beginning with a conversation. Conversing could help resolve things that might result in some misunderstandings. Another factor for this is to be open-minded. Talking is worthless when the one you converse with is not listening. In the same way, you must also know how to listen.

Love Is About Spending Quality Time Together

That  couple of minutes that are spent together each day may keep your relationship from stagnating. Spending time with your loved one will only mean that you love him/her, as you are able to make time or find a way to be with that person. Investing time in a relationship could mean everything. A heavy schedule of work may take up much of your effort and time. That is why, it is crucial for you to put things into your own perspective. If you will spend time with one another, you will know your partner much better, which will help both of you to benefit from it. It also provides the relationship with favorable feelings.

love you

Love Trusts

If you love a person, you have to and should trust them. Love with the absence of trust is impossible. If you let someone get the keys to your heart, you need to trust him/her that he/she will value it, forever. Trust will also mean that you are confident that the person you love will keep his/her promise, be truthful and be by your side to support you in every path you take.

Love Is Truthfulness

If you love a person, you need to be true to him/her. Loving is unconditional, which means you have to give all your love to the one you believe is the right person for you. Being truthful in one relationship is indeed crucial. When it comes to love, truthfulness or faithfulness is the second essential thing from trust. You know that you faithfully love if you consider the person you love as the best thing that has ever happened in your life. You certainly want to cherish and treasure that person and wish to spend quality time with him/her. You also wish to share good and bad times together.

Love Means Being Friends

Love takes place if you are friends to one another. Having fun in simple moments in life, such as watching movies, shopping or playing games together is bound by love. You can tell him/her your secrets from which you will keep their’s in turn. You should be there always for one another, and trust and respect one another. Love is also viewing together in similar direction, creating and holding similar goals from which you will together take the steps in such direction in order to achieve your goals.

Different Kinds of Love

To help you know other things about love, you probably wish to consider the different kinds of love to know which kind you are in. The following are two of the different kinds of love, which are recognized through their names in Greek.

  • Eros. This kind of love is about perfect beauty, passionate emotional and physical, lustful love. This love often refers to sex. But in reality, it means the love between a woman and a man. It is completely more than sexual bliss on which it includes caring and yearning. This love has to be gratified. It is a kind of egotistical love.
  • Storge. This is another kind of love. Basically, this kind of love denotes the love of family, friendship love and the love shared between children and parents. This love may also pertain to the love of a person for his/her leader.

By knowing all these things about love, it will be easy for you to determine if your love for a person is really a love or not. Therefore, make the most of loving people around by spreading love everywhere!